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After spending a couple of decades at ad agencies guiding clients in their marketing activities, I saw a need for reasonably-priced, basic marketing support within the small business community. I felt led toward assisting small businesses and not-for-profit organizations overcome the obstacles that prevent them from engaging in marketing.

My intent is to fill that important gap between business owner (and let’s face it, expert) and the world of marketing — social media, web marketing, content management, advertising, trade shows, signage and many other elements which fall into that overflowing marketing bucket. Some business owners fear the bucket. Others approach it cautiously, dip in a big toe and then get pulled in another direction for some much larger, more urgent need, never to return to the marketing bucket, thereby relegating it to that inevitable black hole, “the back burner.”

Those who have worked with me would probably say that I’m reliable, resourceful and honest. My promise to clients is that I will give each project, situation and objective my very best effort. Through absorbing the specifics of your world, I will seek to make your business better, brighter and more successful — and I hope to build a long-term relationship while in the process.

Teresa Fedorchak

Chief Marketing Officer

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